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Welcome to my webshop and blog. The reason why I started a blog is simple. I want to keep people informed about my “own view” on nutrition and lifestyle. I also started to develop and produce my own supplements. These supplements can be found in he webshop, I will start out small but will gradually expand with more supplements that caught my interest.

My name is Coen (Dutch name) born on October 24 1989. I’m happily living in the Netherlands with my girlfriend and son. In daily life i’m active in the animal feed industry. Calculating the optimal nutrient ratio for the animals rations is part of my daily work routine.  

Through this experience I have gained a lot of knowledge about nutrition which I happily translate into my own eating habits. This blog will help me keep track of my personal experiments and know how.

Combining a full-time job with children and staying active in sports is not easy with all the distractions of the modern world. This has led to a personal search for the right balance between family life, work and food.

Strength training (fitness) and football (soccer) are my favorite sports. Especially in strength training (muscle building) nutrition plays an important role. My experiences and progress will be recorded and shared through my blog.

I will use this blog to collect my thoughts and write them down. I assume there will not be that much reader for my blog. But I like the idea that I can structure my thoughts and keep them for futures reads as well. 

, Coen


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