Hand picked ingredients

Mysup organ supplements are hand picked and handled with personal care.
The animals are 100% grass fed on green dutch grasslands.

Bovine liver

Not many foods are worthy to be titled superfood, but the liver certainly is! In the past the liver was considered a popular and valuable food source. This has changed, the liver is often no considered in our western culture. This is unfortunate, because the liver is a nutritional powerhouse. It is rich in protein, low in calories and packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Gezond hart met Q10

Bovine heart

A healthy heart results in a healthy heart! Beef heart is packed with nutrients that are good for your own heart muscle. It is also an excellent source of protein. improve your strength training results by regularly taking our bovine heart capsules! A healthy heart muscles is what makes the weights move.

Quality control

Every piece of beef heart and liver is hand picked and checked before it is used in our capsules. We process the organ meats in our own kitchen and impurities are never processed. Due to the small scale of our company we can guarantee this quality and make sure the raw freeze dried organ meat is pure and natural.

Nose to tail principle

Research into the eating habits of tribes that still live as hunters and gatherers show that they prefer to eat different parts of the animals. We prefer meat and muscle, the more traditional tribes prefere organs and fat-rich cuts. The tribes also describe a connection between the consumption of healthy animal organs and the supporting effect on those same organs in the human body. The nutrient density in certain organs such as the liver and heart is higher than any plant based superfood. It is therefore not surprising that traditional cultures prefer organ meat over muscle these are by far the most nutritious! In Western culture we have largely forgotten about eating according to the nose-to-tail principle. In fact, most consumers shy away from consuming animal organs. Our goal is to reverse this trend by simplifying the way of consume animal organs. After all, consuming the  animal nose to tail is part of an ethical, sustainable and healthy way of living. Organ meats contain high concentrations of nutrients such as vitamin A, B12, D, E, K and folic acid and are an excellent source of iron and protein. Organ meat is therefore the ideal food for those who want to live healthy, sustainable and with respect for animal and nature.

100% Grass Fed

Our supplements are infused with 100% grass-fed animals that grazed on green Dutch grasslands. We hand pick and freeze dry our own ingrediënts. This enables us to ensure our customers that only the highest quality pieces make it into our supplements. The choice for grass-fed cattle was simple, these animals have a healthier nutrition balance than grain-fed. Furthermore, grass-fed cattle has a healthier fatty acid mixture,they contain more antioxidants and are rich in beta-carotene. In addition,  the animals are grown without the use of antibiotics or growth promoters. If you want to learn more about grass fed vs grain fed, stay tuned! A blog post will follow in which we dive deeper into the subject

Desiccated bovine liver (Cow)

Liver as a “superfood” takes some getting used to. Still, liver is one of the most nutritious parts of the animal. When a pack of wolves kills its prey, the alpha wolf is the first to eat, it almost always chooses the liver first! This is not surprising, the liver is often referred to as Mother Nature’s multivitamin. The natural synergistic nutrients in grass-fed liver support overall health and combat brain fog due the high vitamin density. 

What nutrients does a liver contain? watch below

Desiccated bovine heart (Cow)

Our western diet rarely contains any animal organs let alone the heart of one. This is unfortunate because beef heart is an excellent lean source of protein. Furthermore, the heart is the best natural source for the coenzyme Q10. This enzyme is involved in the energy production of every cell in the human body and also functions as a very potent antioxidant. You often see this enzyme in cosmetic products because it is proven to keep our cell membrame flexibel and prevents free radicals from damaging the DNA. If you want to learn more about Q10 follow this link to our blog post explaining the ins and outs. blog post: COenzyme Q10, what is the most potent Q10 source and what is its function?

Freeze drying protects the high nutrient content

Freeze drying is a method in which moisture is extracted from the organ meat under extremely low temperatures. Freeze-drying is a relatively expensive process, but due to the low temperature it provides advantages over other preservation methods that are commonly used. No antioxidants or preservatives are required to keep the final product in excellent condition. Freeze drying ensures that the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are preserved in the final product.

"In Holland we are known to have cows grazing on our green pastures. But there are no producers of high quality organ supplements, I decided to change this!"
Coen van der Vleuten
“Organ supplements helped me in my personal live. I have more energy trough out the day and my digestion improved, I love them!"
Rachelle Niesen

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