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Our goal is to make healthy nutritious food easily accessible for everybody!  At Mysup we understand that it is a challenge to consume the right nutrients all day everyday. Our mission is the simplify this with the help of our supplements. Do you want to know more about our ingredients click below.

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Desiccated beef liver

100% grass-fed beef liver desiccated . Natures multivitamin!

Heart and liver

Get a discount by ordering a 2-pack beef liver and heart capsules. Free shipping!

Desiccated beef heart

A healthy beef heart is packed with nutrients that are good for our own heart.

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After reading the reviews I wanted to try it myself. I feel fitter throughout the day and my digestion notably changed!

100% grassfed

Our products are 100% natural and do not contain fillers or preservatives.
Free of hormones and growth promoters

I never knew organs are so good for you. Via capsule is the ideal way to take advantage of the nutrients.
Daan Volgers